WhipSmart Books is pleased to announce the launch of the e-book version of Tales by Moons-light: Stories from Before the Great Melt, Ruthy Ballard’s new science fantasy for middle grade readers, ages 9-12.

Why Genetic Diversity Makes Us Strong.
Geneticist-Turned-Author Pens Magical Tale for Kids

Frankie and the Gift of Fantasy

e-book arrived June 16, 2020 and paperback
coming October 1, 2020 from WhipSmart Books

Frankie Russo has a wild and wonderful imagination, but his nagging, ambitious parents don’t appreciate it. All that changes, though, when he disappears through a crack in his bedroom ceiling and find himself on a faraway two-mooned planet called Urth. A thrilling, science-rich, entertaining romp for middle grade readers!  Want to read this book now? Find out how!

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Ruthy Ballard

ruthy ballard

Ruthy Ballard is a children’s book author, artist, and scientist. By day, she’s a professor and forensic DNA expert. By night, she romps in an imaginative playground of color and words. Her latest creation is Frankie and the Gift of Fantasy, a science-rich adventure story for middle grade readers.

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