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For Adults – Bedtime Story, 2350
Is this where we’re headed?

These are uncertain times, and I often wonder what the future will be like. This time last year, I was mostly worried about climate change. That concern hasn’t gone away, of course. Climate change is just as great a danger now as it was back then. But today it’s been...


For Kids – Super-Secret Reading Spaces

Hey middle graders!Three tips for creating a fun, super-secretreading space for summer!  from author Ruthy Ballard at WhipSmart Books The Tips As an eager young book lover, you know it's more fun to read under the covers. But creating a cozy, permanent space for your reading adventures is enjoyable, too! Here are three...


For Kids – Where on Earth Is Urth?

In Frankie and the Gift of Fantasy, Frankie travels across the galaxy to a planet called Urth, where he has an amazing adventure. Urth orbits a sun much like our own. But we can’t see it from Earth, even up high in the mountains on a very dark night. The...


For Adults – Welcome to my Colorful Cartoon World!

Accessible folk art with a clear message. A picture speaks a thousand words, and my folk art gets straight to the point. Whether a cartoon is about global ecology (Cartoons from the Anthropocene), psychology and relationships (Duppies & Uppies) or the funny shenanigans of our beloved cats and dogs (Portraits...


For Kids – Frankie has a gift. Do You?

Each main character in the Tales by Moons-Light™ book series, starting with Frankie and the Gift of Presence, has a gift.  Do you? What’s a gift? A gift is something very special that lies at the heart of who you are. It’s what makes you different. It’s what makes you...