Frankie and the Gift of Fantasy

e-book arrived June 16, 2020 and
paperback arrived October 1, 2020
From WhipSmart Books

Frankie Russo doesn’t brood about the past or worry about the future. He lives in the present moment, frolicking in a world of make-believe that drives his high-achieving parents crazy. They have lofty ambitions for him, but Frankie has no interest. He prefers to flip helium burgers on Jupiter or rule a kingdom of mermen in the Caspian Sea, up inside his head, where all the fun is.

Frankie’s parents nag him endlessly, worried he’ll come to nothing. But all that changes when he disappears through a mysterious crack in his bedroom ceiling and finds himself on a distant, two-mooned planet called Urth.

Why was he drawn there? He doesn’t know, but as he embarks on a delightful, mind-blowing adventure, Frankie’s desperate parents think he’s been abducted, and an innocent man is arrested on DNA evidence and charged with the crime!

Sneak Peak: The Author Reads Chapter One

gertrude warner award
Moonbeam Award

We’re tickled pink!

FRANKIE AND THE GIFT OF FANTASY won a GOLD MEDAL in the 2020 Moonbeam Children’s Book Awards! Frankie was named Gold Medalist in the Pre-Teen Fiction Ebooks.

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