Accessible folk art with a clear message.

A picture speaks a thousand words, and my folk art gets straight to the point. Whether a cartoon is about global ecology (Cartoons from the Anthropocene), psychology and relationships (Duppies & Uppies) or the funny shenanigans of our beloved cats and dogs (Portraits of Furry Friends), I get my message across instantly.

C’mon inside my colorful cartoon world and let me show you around.

Three galleries, three themes.

I’m a woman with a wide range of interests, and my cartoons reflect that breadth. Although I didn’t start my art adventure with specific themes in mind, my work naturally drifted into three distinct galleries over the years.

My audience, likewise, is broad. Some people gravitate to my work on climate change, while others prefer my light-hearted depictions of cats and dogs. Below are sample cartoons from each gallery, with a short description of each. For related cartoons in the full galleries, click on the link.

If you like my work…

please share it around.  If you’re a science teacher, consider inviting me to your school to share my art and talk about the Anthropocene with your students. And finally, keep an eye out for my colorful wall calendars. They’re coming soon and will be available year-round, starting on whichever month suits best. They’re tailored to one of the three gallery themes and make one-of-a-kind birthday and Christmas gifts.